Tuesday, December 22, 2009

T.I. released from prison

so because T.I snitched hes out early living at a half way house... he had to of snitched there is no way legally you get that short of a sentence for what he was found guilty of...

XXLMag.com has learned that T.I. was released from prison this morning (December 22) and will be admitted into a halfway house in his hometown of Atlanta, later today.

XXL spoke with Tip’s lead defense attorney in his federal gun case, Steve Sadow, who confirmed the news. “He was released this morning from his place of incarceration in Arkansas,” Sadow said. “As I understand it, he’s on his way back to the Atlanta area. He has to report to a halfway house in Atlanta sometime this evening. And he will then spend somewhere between the next two or three months in a halfway house, ending his Bureau of Prison sentence.“

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