Thursday, December 24, 2009


Best album - Drake , so far gone, even though it wasnt really a album this had huge hits on it and solidified Drake as one of the best in the buisness

Best song - forever by drake , kanye west , lil wayne, eminem 4 of the biggest names in the buisness on one sick track that everyone can't get out of their heads enough said

Best Movie - Avatar, no explanation needed

Best Tv Show - Jersey shore

Best Car - 2010 Chevy Camaro

Best Bizzare news - Ballon boy , ha I remeber watching that live for like a hour and remembered how dissapointed I felt when we found it the boy wasnt in their

Best Tech gadget - iphone 3gs , just when we thought the iphone couldnt get any better

Best video game -modern warfare 2, i never play video games but damn this game was sick

hottest babe - octomom

Best upcoming athlete - tyrique evans (sacramento Kings) damn this kid is good

Best Athlete - usain bolt, damn this guy is not human

worst movie flop - 2012, just wasnt really impressed

worst album flop - jay-z blueprint 3, man jay-z needs to stop already he CANT rap.

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